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Our mission is to create, acquire, and produce quality faith-based films that
arouse the consciousness of the Misfortunate Souls who have fallen through society's cracks to help them
discover God’s purpose and meaning for their lives.


Production of "Up The Ladder"

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to develop true-life stories people can relate to with a biblical nuance -- stories that glorify Jesus Christ, revealing Him as savior, healer, and deliverer of men from dead works unto good works.


Screenwriter, Playwright, Independent Filmmaker

John Johnson is an incredibly talented playwright, author, filmmaker, and actor. I had the pleasure of first meeting him as a student, and he shared his autobiography with me. It was incredibly powerful and moving and I realized right away what an incredible talent and phenomenal human being he is. Later, he began writing plays, and it was wonderful to see him explore humor and levity to create worlds that were authentic and rich. As an actor, he starred in many productions I directed, and he is one of the most gifted people I know. It's rare that someone is able to write, act, and direct, but John Johnson is able to do all three. He is also just a beautiful, loving soul. I feel blessed to know him and am so excited to see him take the world by storm with his new company!

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